‘The Glasshoughton Centre is a healthy, living centre at the heart of the community. A former minor welfare’s centre which has now expanded beyond its original sports teams to become a leading social enterprise to include children and family groups, a wide range of healthy lifestyle activites and commercial letting’

The Glasshoughton Centre is run by Glasshoughton Community Forum Ltd. They are responsible for the exciting facilties and Centre we have and share with you.

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About Us

Glasshoughton Community Forum Directors are drawn from a mix of local well accomplished people. First and foremost they represent the local community, as well sports/activities on site. Many of the Board Directors have long association with the Glasshoughton complex and outside the Centre have successful lives and careers. They range from accomplished Business people, the Chairman of West Yorkshire Police Federation, School Governors, Local Councillors (some of very many years standing),Electrical Engineer(retired), Trade Union officials, Sports Enthusiasts and a very experienced Solicitor. To stress therefore the Board of Directors of Glasshoughton Community Forum Ltd are a very successful and capable body of people, and continue to do an excellent job for not only the local  community, but also in wider Castleford as well.

The Glasshoughton complex was established as a Healthy Living Centre with a view to improving the health of the local population, and this has remained a fundamental objective of the Forum and the Centre since its formation.

The Forum Directors of the Glasshoughton Centre have successfully completed 5 separate phases of building development on site over the last 6 years (we are currently in the early stages of planning Phase 6, which is the creation of mini soccer pitches on an adjacent piece of Council owned land). Gross contract values approach £2m for capital works. Revenue monies over the same period total over £1m. Revenue monies alone secured since January 2008 gross over £150,000, which does not include those monies promised by Wakefield PCT for the period April 2008 to March 2011.Glasshoughton Centre management therefore has a very well established track record of not only attracting both Capital and Revenue monies, but also in subsequent management.

The Activity Studio was completed on time and on Budget. We have received commendation from Coalfields Regeneration Trust for our Contract management, and the development has been used by CRT with their Government appointed auditors, the National Audit Commission, as a very good example of one of their investments.

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